Unexpected Inspiration Character: Sol Celeste

Dray strode over and shoved on the door to no more avail than Adair's effort. "Solei Celeste, what did you make?"

Sol all but whimpered. Use of his full name had that effect. "A mistake?"

- excerpt from "Is This Closet Mine or Yours?"

Sol is a fire performer with light/fire magic who you can usually find swimming through a dumpster or garbage heap. He’s an inventor who uses scraps that no one else wants and the heat from his magic to create objects ranging from "useful" to "what the heck is this thing?” He always has ideas, although whether they’ll work or backfire spectacularly is up in the air– which is frequently where they end up when they backfire. Sol is something of a genius ditz; he comes off as a vapid, musclebound goofball, but inside that thick head of his is a mind that’s always five steps ahead. It’s just that they’re five steps well off the beaten path and his Sol-ish comments tend to leave people bewildered. He's happy, cheerful, and optimistic, but his life wasn't always so good.

He and his twin brother Etri were born in Montglace, a city/country deep under a mountain far to the north of Concordia. In this city are the Sanctuaries of Shadow and Light, which is where the twins spent every day of their life up until they escaped. When Etri's magic manifested and he began training to become a priest of shadow, they made the decision to keep Sol's magic a secret. If it was discovered, he would have been sent to the Sanctuary of Light and they would likely never see each other again. Considering that the only two people Sol loved and trusted had shadow magic, he wasn't about to be parted from them. Eventually, though, he wasn't given much of a choice. The Sanctuary was incredibly dangerous, especially since Sol didn't have the limited protection that came with being an apprentice priest, so he, Etri, and the friend who had become Sol's boyfriend came up with an idea. Sol and Pierre would sneak away while Etri stayed behind to distract or try to stop anyone who followed them. This didn't work out. Sol and Pierre were caught and their punishment was supposed to be a quick yet painful death via the light elementals the priest/esses controlled. The priest/esses, however, didn't count on Sol having light magic himself or Etri being there as a shadow to help. The trio put up a good fight, but there was only so much three teenagers could do against those who were much more trained than they were. Pierre sacrificed himself, using up every last bit of his magic, to buy the other two time to get away.

Sol was heartbroken. It took him a long time to smile again, and if it hadn't been for the constant support of his brother, he might never have been happy again. The twins took care of each other, Etri stealing what they needed to survive and doing everything he could to help Sol through his grief, and Sol learning everything he could about repairing and fixing things so that he could support Etri. They lived a few years in a small town in Galanvoth, and while this place was far better than Montglace, it wasn't ideal, and they made their way south into Concordia. There Sol truly flourished. He was able to use his fire magic as a carnival performer, make all the inventions his heart could desire, and with the carnival troupes, the twins were finally safe. They lived with the troupe in the capital city for a while before another troupe sent out a request for someone to fill in as a fire performer. Since the troupe in the capital city already had several, the twins decided to take this position. They figured if they didn't like it, they could always return to their original troupe. They ended up sticking around because of Blythe, who quickly became like a big sister to Sol and a best friend to Etri.

After that rough patch earlier in his life, Sol has become as sunny as his chosen name, and is always ready to befriend anyone who crosses his path. He's the first performer Adair meets and he's the one who convinces the others to let Adair stay. When the others are angry at Dray, it's Sol who forgives first and keeps Dray company. He wants nothing more than to make other people smile and he loves being helpful, whether that means inventing things to make life easier for those he cares about, using his magic to make the performers' stage lights bright, or just doing something silly to make someone laugh. He's a huge guy, at six and a half feet tall, and he says that the reason he's so big is so that he can give the best hugs. He's not wrong.

Sol is one of the main characters in the first trilogy of the Unexpected Inspiration series. You can find his bio page here and his backstory moodboard/post here.



  1. I loved reading about Sol's tragic past. It was neat seeing a side of him that we don't usually get to see.

    1. Thanks! I really love Sol. He's got a lot of depth that only gets revealed as the series progresses, and he's such a sweetheart.


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