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Here you'll find the comic fantasy stories of author Meri Greenleaf. The Unexpected Inspiration series is lighthearted high fantasy set in a contemporary world, with a focus on lgbt+ characters, magic, and found family. With the cast filled with artists, inventors, and carnival performers, you can expect lots of mischief and misadventures. If you'd like to be alerted about new content (like short stories and moodboards), as well as get updates about my writing, I'd love it if you followed me on Facebook or Twitter. You can also sign up with your email to receive email notifications when I share new content to this site.

Latest Short Stories:
While the books are still being written, I also write lots of short stories about the characters and world. I share these here, as well as on Wattpad and Tumblr. If you're interested in sweet, funny stories about artists, carnival performers, and the mischief they get into, I have you covered with more than 20 that you can read for free. You can find the full list of these on my story index page. Here are the five most recent ones:

  • "Bottled Spirits"
    Three friends have an encounter with a ghost.
  • "Family of the Heart"
    Sometimes a fake family can be a real family.
  • "Meren's Tranquility"
    An overworked wizard tries to find peace, finds magic gone awry instead. (This story is about the Hidden Magic characters and takes place in a different world than Unexpected Inspiration.)
  • "Poisonous"
    Adair and Blythe learn why Etri keeps referring to them as mushrooms.
  • "Stuck With You" (Novella)
    The Dorks discover that despite all their differences, pranks, and misunderstandings, their soulmate markings belong to each other. Watch as a dopey inventor, a protective goth, a bewildered artist, a frazzled healer, and a snarky dancer try to figure out how to be a family.

Sol | Etri | Adair | Blythe | Firedrake

Latest Moodboards:
Concordian History: Mortise
Concordian History: Piquant
   Concordian History: Scriven
Concordian History: Scriven

Latest News:
Current Projects
After taking something of a hiatus for most of 2019, I'm easing my way back into the series. My main focus at the moment is brainstorming and outlining books three and four. From there, I'll return to my book two rewrite and continue making moodboards.

Coming Soon
Future plans for this site include a glossary page filled with who's who, where's where, and what all this talk about Muses, Creators, and sentinels is about. I also have maps of different locations and more Concordian history moodboards in the works. Stay tuned!

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